Guide to join Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Advanced server

You can follow this simple method to access the Advanced Servers in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang(MLBB).

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the oldest running MOBA games in the mobile gaming market and being a veteran in the scenario, it has a garnered a vast fanbase across the world. Even though the game is said to have some balancing issues in terms of its heroes, it immense popularity suggests some different story. Like any other game, the developers have provided an advanced server for MLBB as well, where users can test new heroes, changes and other things.

MLBB has a huge pool of heroes which might remain unmatched to any other mobile game in the genre. To keep the element of variety alive, developers need to constantly monitor each and every hero to make sure that a balanced environment is provided for its users.

This task is pretty hard to implement in a version with millions of players so MLBB has its dedicated advanced servers which can be compared to beta version of any game. On this server, latest additions such as new heroes, balancing changes and many other things can be tested by limited number of players.

The developers will then monitor this small group which represents the entire community and based on the feedback and observations, changes are finalized and applied to the global version.

If you wish to be one of the testers or simply want to enjoy the new heroes before anybody else has an access to them, you can just enroll in the advanced server testing. It is very simple to do and does not require any external download.

How to join MLBB Advanced Server

You can follow these steps to do so.

  • Launch MLBB and click on Profile Section.
  • Go to Account Settings and click on the ‘Test Server’ option.
  • After tapping on it, a pop-up will confirm that servers have changed and you will need to restart the game.
  • After restarting, new files will be downloaded and you can access the advanced servers in the game itself.
  • If you want to return to the original game, simply repeat the process and the servers will be switched back to normal once again.

There are some necessary things that one should need to know before directly jumping into the game. Make sure that your in-game ID is above level 20, you are running the game on an Android device and the account is officially linked to Google Play/Facebook/others. It is also mandatory to have fast internet connection to run the game smoothly.

In this way, you can access the advanced servers on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It is possible that you may face an error which says that the region is not eligible and in that case, you can access it by using the VPN you trust but it is not recommended to do so.

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