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How to get new hero Mathilda for free in MLBB

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has introduced a new hero named Mathilda and here is how to get Mathilda in mobile legends for free.


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Mathilda is the new hero that is getting added to the arsenal of heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. MLBB is a free-to-play MOBA game for mobile platforms and is one of the best games available in this genre. The developers always add new heroes or tweak existing ones to keep the game balanced. A new hero was teased for a long time and finally, it is coming in the game.

The new hero is known as Mathilda and is categorized as a support/assassin hero. This is a unique and somewhat twisty addition as usually, the support heroes can not fall into the assassin category at the same time but this will be the first hero to come out in this way. Supports usually have a huge role to aid the team by providing certain buffs but Mathilda could assist and deal damage at the same time.

The new hero Mathilda has abilities as given below, as per MLBB Fandom Wiki:

Ancestral Guidance(Passive): Mathilda gains Ancestral Guidance while moving. When it is fully charged, her next Basic Attack will be enhanced, dealing 150(+100% Total Physical Attack)(+80% Total Magic Power)Magic Damage to the target and increasing her Movement Speed by 50% that rapidly decays in 2.5 seconds.

Soul Bloom: Mathilda resonates with the power of ancestors and summons wisps that surround her for 3 seconds – when her movement distance increases, more wisps will be attracted to her, capped to 4 wisps. After casting this skill or reaching the time limit, the wisps will attack nearby enemies, with each wisp dealing 300 / 320 / 340 / 360 / 380 / 400 (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. The damage is reduced to 80% when hitting the same target.

Guiding Wind: Mathilda leaps to a designated place and upon landing, she creates a field surrounding her. Allied heroes within the field will gain a new skill Guiding Wind. When an ally uses Guiding Wind, they will blink to Mathilda and both of them will 30% Movement Speed for 1.5 / 1.7 / 1.9 / 2.1 / 2.3 / 2.5seconds. Allies will lose Guiding Wind when they exit the field for 2 seconds. When an allied hero casts Guiding Wind, all other allied heroes will lose Guiding Wind in the meantime.

Circling Eagle (Ultimate): Mathilda applies a Soul Mark to the targeted hero, dealing 160 / 180 / 200(+40% Total Magic Power)Magic Damage and within 3 seconds, Mathilda can cast the skill again to immediately fly around the target for up to 3 seconds. During this period, wisps will rush to nearby enemies, each time dealing 40 / 45 / 50(+20% Total Magic Power)Magic Damage. After casting skill or reaching the time limit, she will rush to the target, knocking enemies back and dealing 640 / 720 / 800(+80 Total Magic Power)Magic Damage. While flying, Mathilda gains Control Immunity and 60% Damage Reduction.

How To Get Mathilda in Mobile Legends for Free

This new hero can be claimed for free via the new event named “Blazing West”. Players can simply head to the event section and click on the banner to obtain this hero. At the same time, her first skin is available at a highly discounted price so this is the best time to buy it.

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