“There might be an announcement related to PUBG Mobile India officials on this Christmas”, claims Maxtern

According to Maxtern, players can expect some announcement regarding PUBG Mobile India on Christmas.

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Famous PUBG Mobile streamer and content creator Maxtern has yet again released a statement regarding the future of PUBG Mobile India. This time, he has claimed that an announcement regarding PUBG Mobile India will be released on Christmas and this might be related to the game’s launch date or possible timeline of the game.

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In his tweet, Maxtern has stated that “there might be some announcement related to PUBG Mobile India officials on this Christmas” and he further adds that he “hopes” that his sources are true. This is the only new information released by any influencer regarding PUBG Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India almost three months ago and since then, there have been many developments that pointed out in different directions but after the official announcement by PUBG Mobile, the question of unban was changed to when will PUBG Mobile return in India. PUBG Corp. published a detailed release about several things but the question of launch was never addressed.

Many speculations led to people believing that PUBG Mobile India might get released in Diwali but they remained to be just mere possibilities. Details about PUBG Mobile India have not been officially released till date but last time, Maxtern accidently leaked some details about the possible advancements regarding PUBG Mobile India.

In a deleted tweet, he mentioned that the game was already being tested by selective few and this time, he stated that players can expect some official news on Christmas. There is no mention about the release date or any such details but if this comes out to be true, we can get some solid piece of information by the end of this year.

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