Investigations Find Minecraft Content Creator ‘Dream’ Faking Speedruns

Dream currently has a subscriber count of over 14 million on YouTube.

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Following investigations, the Java Speedrunning Mod team has found the runs of Minecraft content creator ‘Dream’ to be “illegitimate”.

The team revealed their findings through a lengthy report released on December 11th. The report concluded that the drop rates of Dream during his runs were “substantially greater than those of other top-level RSG runners.”

Dream has been accused by the team of using mod packs for his Minecraft speedruns which are usually undetectable during his live streams.

“The only sensible conclusion that can be drawn after this analysis is that Dream’s game was modified in order to manipulate the pearl barter and rod drop rates”, the report states.

Dream’s Response

Through his Twitter handle, Dream responded to the report shortly after it surfaced on the web. He called the report a “Total BS” and claimed that head moderator ‘Geosquare’ was using his name to clickbait people with a title like “Cheating Speedrunning”.

You can take a look at the video by Geosquare that Dream was referring to here.

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