Among Us Arrives On Nintendo Switch

The game will cost $5 on Switch.

among us nintendo switch crossplay

Among Us has undoubtedly been one of the most popular video games, if not the most popular video game of 2020. The murder-mystery title y InnerSloth has managed to win the hearts of millions of fans through its simple design and unique gameplay mechanics. Till today, Among Us was only available for PC and Mobile. This led to complaints from console users, who had no way to play Among Us whatsoever. Among Us is now available on Nintendo Switch along with the crossplay feature. Here is all you need to know about the Among Us on Nintendo Switch price and more.

Among Us Nintendo Switch Price

Luckily, on December 15th, InnerSloth finally announced that they had brought Among Us to the Nintendo Switch. The console price of the title was set at $5 USD, which is the same as its price on PC. Among Us is still free-to-play on Mobile and the Switch version also supports crossplay feature.

For the unaware, Among Us is a social deduction game where 10 players are spawned in a spaceship with 1-3 impostors amidst them. The crewmates have to find who the impostors are and get rid of them from the ship before they get killed. The crewmates can also finish a set of tasks to win without voting off the impostors.

Originally released in 2018, Among Us failed to gain any significant traction before this year when some popular streamers and content creators picked it up. The past month saw Among Us reaching a player base of over 500,000.

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