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Genshin Impact Treasure Location – Nameless Treasure Secret Quest Guide

These treasure quests aren’t a part of the main storyline, but you can complete them to earn yourself some nice rewards.

Genshin Impact is the newest talk of the town. The open-world RPG by miHoYo has garnered the praise from millions of fans worldwide in only a few weeks since its official release on 28th September 2020.

Besides the main storyline, the game also boasts side quests that give rewards on completion, and the quest for Nameless Treasure is one of them. Let’s dive into the Genshin Impact Treasure Location.

To complete the quests and get the treasures, players have to visit three different locations namely Dunyu Ruins, Lingju Pass, and Qingxu Pool in any order.

Once you are done collecting all the nameless treasures, you have to visit Liyue at night-time and speak with Linglang next to the souvenir shop and hand him the treasures.

After you give her the nameless treasures, you will receive XP, primogems, and gold as a reward for completing the quest.

If you can’t find Linlang in Liyue, it’s likely that you’re visiting there in the day-time, since she only appears at night.

Did you find out the Genshin Impact Treasure Location? Let us know in the comment section below.

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