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How to Complete the Secret Metallica Quest in Fortnite?

A Heartfelt Tribute: Complete Fortnite's Secret Metallica Quest for 10,000 XP!

It has since been revealed that there is a hidden quest in Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 3 which grants XP when you manage to find it. Fear not, cause we have got you covered!

Keep reading to find out more about the easter egg and where you can find a secret Metallica memorial in Fortnite!

The Fortnite x Metallica collaboration

After the sleuth of leaks and teasers, the Fortnite X Metallica collaboration finally arrived in Chapter 5, season 3. The Metallica collab has brought in an exciting new collection of cosmetics, rewards, and tonnes of XP for the ones willing to go the extra mile. 

That said, there is more. Lots of people have reported that there is a hidden Metallica easter egg within the map, that pays tribute to one of the past members of the band. 

Metallica’s Cliff Burton memorial in Fortnite

The Cliff Burton memorial easter egg is close to the hearts of many of the band’s fans, which can be found in the underground tunnel areas beneath loot islands in Fortnite. Albeit, you will need to survive and engage a few circles before getting to this spot as the loot here spawns in the later stages of the game, meaning dropping in straight from the bus and camping here – is not a viable strategy, you noobs.

The loot island, or the floating island, is hard to miss once it spawns and you will be notified of its location as soon as it spawns. There’s always a rift nearby which can help you land at the top.

From there you just have to follow the marker on your map like a kid behind a PS5 and find the island. Once you are on there, look for a cave-like area underneath the stage where you can find a bright “Gutbombs Tasteland” sign.

Simply continue following the path till you reach a wall with graffiti spelling out “Cliff ‘Em All” surrounded by furniture and speakers. 

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How much XP does the Metallica easter egg in Fortnite grant?

If it is your first time out there finding the easter egg, you will automatically unlock an achievement for discovering the secret quest and will earn 10,000 XP

This easter egg in particular is a tribute to the legendary ex-bassist, Cliff Burton, who died in a tour bus incident in 1986. 

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