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Interview with Team Vitality India’s COD Mobile Roster: Insights and Ambitions for 2024

Team Vitality India recently announced a star-studded lineup for the Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) World Championship 2024, featuring a blend of international and homegrown talent. This team, ready to make a significant impact on the global stage, includes renowned players such as two-time world champion Brian “Tectonic” Michel, French star Gustav “Marvel”, former Tribe Gaming player Solomon “Solo” Smith, and emerging Indian talents Samruddha “SAMs” Ghadge, Samartha Ganesh “JOKOs” Ghadge, and newcomer Viper. The team will be coached by the experienced Darian “ZIM” Abreu.

TalkEsport had the opportunity to interview Team Vitality India’s CODM World Championship 2024 roster, gaining insights into their journeys, motivations, and expectations. The players shared their experiences and thoughts on joining Team Vitality, the challenges they anticipate, and their excitement about competing in India.

The Inspirational Journeys of Team Vitality India Players

Each player has a unique and inspiring journey in esports. Team Vitality India players shared their unique stories in this industry. Solo, reflecting on his path, shared, “My journey has been long and arduous, full of twists and turns, and I’m excited to be playing for Team Vitality now in India.” Mxrvel echoed similar sentiment, expressing his enthusiasm, he stated, “My journey has been great so far. I’ve been really enjoying the environment and I’m excited to achieve new goals with Team Vitality.” JOKOs, a long-standing member of Team Vitality, expressed his excitement about the new beginnings, stating, “This year I’m extremely excited to achieve new heights with my new teammates, who are among the best in the world.”

SAMS highlighted the ups and downs of his career, expressing gratitude for the new opportunities, he stated, “I’m very grateful for the opportunity to play with new players and excited to represent Team Vitality again this year.” Viper, the youngest member, shared his transition from casual play to competitive esports, stating, “I’ve built a strong view for myself and am ready to take on new challenges with Team Vitality.” Lastly, Tectonic, a seasoned champion, expressed his eagerness for the international experience, saying, “India has been great, I’m enjoying the team. The experiences have been amazing, and I’m really excited for the opportunity to play internationally.”

Team Vitality India’s Players Share Their Motivation and Experiences

The motivation behind joining Team Vitality India varies among the players, yet they are united by a common goal of securing the top spot on the global stage. Solo revealed that he was particularly convinced by Coach ZIM to join the team. He further expressed his trust in his teammates and his desire to play alongside them. Mxrvel revealed that he was motivated by the opportunity to play internationally for the first time. Tectonic shared that the chance to explore the unknown was what drove him to join the team.

JOKOs and SAMS both admired Team Vitality’s involvement in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), and eagerly jumped at the opportunity to join their CODM team. Coach ZIM viewed the opportunity to join “one of the most prestigious organizations” as a unique challenge, aiming to turn around the franchise.

Solo, Mxrvel, and Tectonic shared their experiences with the Indian esports scene. Solo appreciated the unwavering support from Indian fans, which was a new experience for him. Mxrvel found the competitive environment and the enthusiastic fanbase quite exciting. Tectonic also enjoyed the competition and stated that the impressions of the region and country have been amazing.

Synergy and Team Dynamics in Team Vitality India

Despite coming from diverse backgrounds, the team has successfully gelled together. Solo noted that they are alike in many ways and have developed a great vibe together. Mxrvel mentioned that any minor issues are quickly resolved with the help of the Coach and Management. Tectonic was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the integration has been. JOKOs admitted initial concerns about cultural and language differences but found that it isn’t that tough, and their bond has strengthened both in and out of the game. SAMS highlighted that each player brings something valuable to the table and he is learning from his teammates everyday.

Tectonic is a renowned player in the COD Mobile community and has won the COD Mobile World Championship 2022 with his former team Tribe Gaming. Leveraging his past world championship experience, Tectonic aims to guide the team to victory. 

Prior to joining Team Vitality India, Mxrvel has primarily played in the European circuit for almost his entire career. Drawing from his previous experience and moving to the Indian circuit, he stated that the different play styles and approaches across regions are the main challenges. He plans to prepare by maintaining a good baseline of practice and preparation.

The addition of new players has significantly impacted the team dynamic. SAMS observed that the new teammates are more experienced and more “bigger picture oriented”, which is crucial for their development. JOKOs echoed similar sentiment, appreciating the dedication and goal-oriented nature of the new players. SAMS and JOKOS revealed that the synergy with the new team has been built through spending time together outside of practice, such as dining, gym sessions, and other activities, which have strengthened their bond and improved communication.

Viper, the newest and youngest addition, is eager to prove himself. He expressed his admiration for his teammates, particularly Solo, Mxrvel, and Tectonic, whom he looks up to. “Honestly, everyone on the team is someone I look up to in my role. I’m an SMG and Sniper, Solo is one of the best and most respected aggressive SMGs in the world and I looked up to him when he was in LG and Tribe, Mxrvel is one of the top 3 snipers in the world and I learned so much from every tournament of his in Europe and at Worlds, and I consider Tectonic to be the greatest player of all time (GOAT)!” he added.

Team Vitality India’s Expectations from CODM World Championship 2024

The team unanimously aims for the top spot in the CODM World Championship 2024, embodying the motto “#1 or nothing.” 

Coach ZIM’s main goal is to establish an international powerhouse team and secure strong placements and championships. He has worked with each team member in their native regions, making it easier to piece them together. The recruitment process focused on finding players who exhibit leadership skills, accountability, and a drive to be the best, ensuring a cohesive and determined team.

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