Where to Recover a Data Drive from Daily Rubble in Fortnite?

fortnite daily rubble data drive

Epic Games frequently adds new cosmetics to Fortnite, primarily through the battle pass. Every Fortnite season attempts to shake up the game in order to make it exciting and fresh for all players. Finishing the Fortnite battle pass is critical because it requires players to keep up with the daily and weekly challenges, which are the primary source of XP.

To accomplish the current Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 challenge, you must recover your data drive from Daily Rubble. Continue reading to find out where you may recover a Data Drive from Daily Rubble in Fortnite.

Where to Recover a Data Drive from Daily Rubble in Fortnite?

From the Daily Bugle, make your way southeast. You’ll discover a group of islands and a crashed IO Blimp as you go out from the mainland. The data¬†drive will be near the back of the blimp, and all you have to do is pick it up to accomplish the challenge. Players will receive 23,000 XP after engaging with the data drive. Moreover, you can land on the blimp as quickly as you exit the combat bus because you’ll be able to keep playing the match¬†directly after you finish the objective.


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