VCC: Exceeli vs Regal Top Plays From Bangladesh Qual Finals

Nodwin Gaming in partnership with Riot Games announced the launch of VALORANT Conquerors Championship, a qualifying tournament for the South Asian players into the APAC Last Chance. The teams are competing in multiple sub-regional qualifiers from which the winning team will make their way to the APAC Last Chance Qualifier.

All teams are competing in multiple sub-regional qualifiers for a prize pool of INR 25 Lacs (33,000 USD) under the South Asian region. The regions are as follows – India, Pakistan & Afghanistan, Sri Lanka & Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal & Bhutan, and Wildcard.

Today we have brought you the top VALORANT Plays and the best moments from the Bangladesh Qualifier finals of Nodwin Gaming’s VALORANT Conqueror Championship which was played between Exceeli eSports and Regal eSports.

Regel eSports were leading with 2-0 against when XLE Kyojin stood up for his team. He took out RG Falc followed by RG Spectre and Aduu. This helped them to take the complete sight area. XLE tried for a retake, but the duos of Hermoine and Kyojin took out both the players.

Exceeli eSports were in need of one match point to take the first map of the game in their favor. Aduu took down XLE Kyojin, thus creating a 5v4 player advantage. XLE Lunatic neutralized the advantage by shutting down Memaraz. XLE players held better positioning and XLE Missile took the last player of Regal eSports. Thus, winning the first game of the qualifier finals.

With taking their winning momentum into the next game, Excelli eSports looked strong. The team was looking for the first pistol-round win of the game. With just 22 seconds left into the game, Regal eSports attacked with full force. They couldn’t do much as XLE Kyojin took 3 kills in friction of seconds. It was a flawless win for them.

With a 4-1 advantage in the favor of Exceeli eSports, the opponent team was looking out for a desperate win. XLE M1SYL found one with his operator, giving Regal eSports an initial blow. Although, Memaraz got the trade kill on Hermoine but M1SYL was unstoppable with his sniping skills. Giving them an easy victory on Regal eSports.

With the lead of 2-0 in the qualifier finals, Excelli eSports were looking too strong. The team was leading with 9-11 in the third game. XLE Hermoine with his insane 4 kills took the win over Regal eSports.

Finally, the qualifier finals were won by Excelli eSports in straight sets. With this win, the team managed to qualify for the VCC Playoffs where they will meet the rest 7 teams to qualfiy for the Grand Finals