Execration eliminates Complexity Gaming in a very convincing fashion. The International wild card has its first elimination today which will be none other than the home team – Complexity Gaming.

The SEA monsters are showing up some potential at The International 6. Execration were able to pull out first two games in a best of 3 series in a dominating fashion.

Complexity Gaming in the upper bracket lost to Escape Gaming earlier today. They were able to pull Game 1 but failed to claim a full series victory.

Coming next to the game versus Execration, It took only 30 minutes each game for Execration to bring down the home team from NA scene trying to grab a slot at International 6.

Score for best of 3 game was 2 – 0 in favor of execration.

Game 2 of the series showed up some high level of performance from Xtcn.Abed. A 15 year old kid wrecking through the Complexity line up with his dominant Meepo plays. At 25 min mark, the fifteen year old had a blink, 2x hurricane pike, Boots of travel, Aghanims and Ethereal Blade which enabled him to run over Complexity.

Execration advance to the second round of the lower bracket, they will be facing the loser of EHOME vs Escape Gaming and fight for the slot at TI6.

Stay tuned for more updates about the International 6.