MiTH to face Bleed Esports At Skyesports SEA Championship

skyesports SEA Championship bracket

Following a loss at the hands of BLEED, MITH made it to the lower bracket finals where they found themselves in a match against Global Esports for a spot in the finals against BLEED.

Clearly, the favorites coming into the match-up, Global’s win over Velocity showed that they are ready to give the Thai side a run for their money. 

Global Esports went for their comfort pick Icebox while MITH went from Fracture leaving Ascent as the third and final map if we were to go there.


MITH started off strong on the Attacker’s side upon which we saw Global get a 3 rounds setback before they were able to post a round. Failing to convert the first gun round, saw them fall behind on the scoreboard. Global Esports never managed to post consecutive rounds, therefore their economy suffered and to top it off, MITH managed to negate the impact of SkRossi despite which GE posted 3 rounds on the defence.GE started their offence with a pistol round loss but force buy conversion helped them string together 3 rounds before MITH were able to get back on board following that they got to 13 rounds without much effort while GE was not able to get more than 6 rounds. 


Once again, MITH started their map pick of Fracture on the right foot, winning the pistol round and converting the following three rounds to take a 4-0 lead over their opponents. GE managed to grab a win in the fifth round, but the strong MITH economy enabled them to retaliate in the next round, snatching it from their opposition as the scoreline read 5-1. GE won the next two rounds, but failed to secure any more rounds in defense and the half ended with a 9-3 score in favor of MITH. The second half was pretty much a one-sided domination from MITH, who outplayed their counterparts every step of the way to secure the map 12-3.

With this victory, MITH will advance to the grand finals of the tournament where they’ll face BLEED in a BO5 series to decide the champion. The finals will take place on November 25, 2:30 pm IST, and fans will be able to catch the action live on the official Skyesports YouTube channel.