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Easy win for Na’Vi and NiP at the first day of the Majors

The third match of the Day 1 of the ESL Cologne was between Natus Vincere and Flipside Tactics. The map that was decided to be played was Train. The first round of the map started with Flipside winning the pistol round with the help of ‘Blade’ and surprising everyone.

Image Courtesy :- hltv.org
Image Courtesy :- hltv.org

However Na’Vi didn’t stay back for too long and pulled right back after on a force buy and added four more rounds to take them to a significant lead. Despite of ‘Worldedit’ winning an important clutch round, Na’Vi closed the first half with a scoreline of 13-2. Flipside then comeback in the game by winning opening five rounds on the CT-side but then ‘GuardiaN’ helped Na’Vi to close the map 16-7.

The fourth match of the ESL Cologne was between Ninjas in Pyjamas and OpTic Gaming. The map that was decided was Dust2.

The first pistol round saw some amazing picks by ‘pyth’ securing NiP the first pistol round. NiP took control over the map and were leading 8-0 comfortably. Later OpTic Gaming managed to win three rounds to close the half with a scoreline of 11-4 in the favor of NiP. In the second pistol round ‘Get_right’ saved the round with an amazing 3k. Later on NiP closed the map with a scoreline of 16-4.

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