FaZe upset fnatic at Group D first game

Fnatic JW

With uncertain turn out of events, FaZe beat Fnatic at ESL One Cologne 2016 group stages in the opening match sending the Swedish side to the lower brackets. FaZe just managed to take over dust2 with a nomimal margin of a couple rounds closing the game at 16-14.

Even though with strong start, Fnatic wasn’t able to grab the grip of the game versus FaZe in the opening rounds, after being down in the first half 8-7 fnatic weren’t able to dominate the scoreline in the next phase of the game and fell short of 4 match points only to lose the map 14-16 against FaZe which showed their best performance since their inception. Aizy, who contributed the most in the impact rounds completely outplayed fnatic multiple times during their attempt to get the control of the map back when it was gone.

Fnatic KRIMZ

It looked very promising at the time when fnatic played their regular ‘timeout’ card and were able to win a couple of rounds followed by a couple of more to tie the scoreline at 13-14 but it was Aizy who took them down completely with his massive 3 kills putting a halt once again to the hopes of the Swedish side.

Interestingly, fnatic did manage to get some impossible rounds as they moved ahead with the ratings to make it 14-15 with flusha’s multi kills and JW’s 1v2 CZ clutch. The aggression in the last round was so evident as fnatic were hungry and desperate to move to overtime, but it seemed that FaZe did their homework properly and were able to read the situation. All thanks to kioSHima’s headshot on to olofmeister which got them to the B site wide-open leaving fnatic dispersed in the map and hopeless as JW took the responsibility and wasn’t able to win the last round 1v3-clutch. Fnatic now moves to the lower brackets and will face G2 tomorrow. Interestingly, one from G2 and fnatic will be surely getting eliminated and that’d be a huge upset when people expect both the teams to be at the playoffs.