SK wins their first map against heavyweights G2

Fallen CSGO

It was a treat to watch two of the top teams in the world compete at the majors in the early stages of the game. G2, which is already sailing the ship on the edge of the world, who beat SK Gaming last week got defeated to them in the first match with a tough scoreline of 16-11 after being neck-to-neck for the most of the map.

The match begin with G2 starting off in the terrorist side where ‘fer’ denied the push by taking two headshots in the very first round which led to SK winning the first map followed by the anti-ecos in which ‘fer’ got couple of kills in the second and the third round making it 3-0 in favor of SK. RPK’s two kills helped G2 winning the fourth round as they came back in the rifles making it 3-1 and 303 further after SK were forced to pistols. However, in the seventh round, fnx shattered the dreams of the french when both the sides were rifles with his two kills making the score 4-3 favoring the SK, and the following rounds to make it a 5-3 which forced G2 to tec9-armors. Shox and co. were able to bring it back from the tec9-eco round followed by the next round where Rpk went huge by getting 3 kills and the scores tied yet again to a 5-5.

SK. FalleN

After a couple of easy rounds in the bank of G2, Scream pulled of an amazing 1v2 post-plant clutch at the B bombsite, smartly tricking the SK side by spraying them down from an unexpected angle making the scores 8-5. The Brazilian captain quickly responded back with 2 scout kills, stealing a couple of back and forth rounds, ending the half 8-7 favoring the french side.

Although after a couple of delayed losses favoring the SK side, SmithZ stepped up to get 7 massive kills in 2 consecutive rounds followed by a clutch by Rpk to make it 11-10 favoring them. The couple of following rounds were sort of mishap where Brazilians completely outplayed the Frenchmen taking the scoreline ahead to 14-11 and closing the first match 16-11. The first match of the Group of death surely got us amazing content and experience of the major. Unfortunately, only two of the four from Group D will make their way to the playoffs, and the three of them are the favorites of the majors already!