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Valkyrae locks Twitter account following harassment from stalker

She kept blocking the person in question until there were over a hundred accounts.

Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter was forced to turn her Twitter profile to private following online abuse by a stalker, who for the past few months has reportedly made over a hundred accounts after Valkyrae kept blocking him.

Valkyrae has amassed over 3 million subscribers after shifting to YouTube from Twitch. Joining early in the Among Us hype train has helped her become the most-watched female stream of 2020, breezing past Pokimane. 3 million subscribers boast the obvious implications of her popularity which, as good as it sounds comes with its fair share of shortcomings.

Valkyrae for the past few months was subjected to a stalker, after finding no way out, she was forced to private her Twitter account as despite blocking it, the stalker would make another account to trouble her. She kept blocking the person in question until there were over a hundred accounts. It took all those stalker accounts for her to reach the boiling point upon which she locked her Twitter.

Things, as it seems, are too serious to be taken lightly, instead of blocking, Valkyrae should take legal action against the alleged stalker before things go too out of hand. Stalker is nothing surprising for popular personalities but if one is found, the matter should be taken to the police or some form of law enforcement agency.

Keeping her profile locked can’t be a permanent solution to the problem, given that she is a public figure the stalking should be put to an end immediately because such a platform especially when Twitter is an essential way for her to communicate with her fans.

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