valkyrae twitter stalker

Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter became the most popular streamer of 2020 surpassing Pokimane was one of the biggest storylines in the streaming community of the past year, but that didn’t come without enough trouble. A crazy stalker who was bothering Rae for months forced her into locking her account until Twitter took care of it.

Valkyrae for the past few months was subjected to a stalker, after finding no way out, she was forced to private her Twitter account as despite blocking it, the stalker would make another account to trouble her. She kept blocking the person in question until there were over a hundred accounts. It took all those stalker accounts for her to reach the boiling point upon which she locked her Twitter.

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Things, as it seems, are too serious to be taken lightly, instead of blocking, Valkyrae should take legal action against the alleged stalker before things got too out of hand. Stalker is nothing surprising for popular personalities but if one is found, the matter should be taken to the police or some form of law enforcement agency.

“Twitter asked me for screenshots and stuff. I sent them screenshots of them posting my address, and they took care of it. They actually took care of it. And I haven’t heard of this person since. This person is gone. Either he died or the FBI got him.”  said Rae

Rae is a superstar, and she hides in fear of a stalker would have demotivated everyone, thus Twitter taking serious action to remedy the issue will make women on the platform feel safer like it should be.