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YouTuber Lui Calibre accused of sexually harassing minors

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With over 5 million subscribers, YouTuber and streamer Lui Calibre have been accused of abusing his ‘fame’ to sexually harass and assault both minors and girls of age.

Several victims of Lui Calibre have come out with their own stories where they were abused, assaulted, harassed, or cheated by the 36 years old. According to reports, his victim ranges from aged women to underaged minors and “seems to have zero remorse, guilt, or sense of wrongdoing.”.

Twitter user who goes by the handle @syanne77 and one of Calibre’s victims has put together the stories of eight women who came to her with their own narrative of Lui Calibre harassing them and believes that “no doubt there are even more out there who have not spoken up.”.

“Lui has a consistent record of using his fame and following to lure young, vulnerable fans into ‘relationships’ with him. He treats these girls like complete garbage, even going so far as to share their nude photos (some of which are underage) without consent,”  said Syanne.

If any of this is true, Calibre will be looking at criminal charges that will land him in prison. Besides the allegation of sexual harassment, he will be looking at charges for sharing “nudes” without consent according to the law in the state of California.

Since these allegations surfaced, Calibre has broken his silence through an unclear Tweet.”<3!!!!! #5″ is all he wrote which is far from a proper explanation which as of now is due from his end.

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