CallMeCarson breaks silence following grooming accusations

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Following the grooming accusations that surfaced against CallMeCarson months ago, he is preparing to make a comeback to content creation.

Having gone off the grind when accusations of grooming underage fans surfaced 5 months ago, Carson has finally opened up teasing his possible return. The grooming accusations brought against him were serious, while some fans countered it as the girl was within two years of his age, others took it as an unforgivable offense.

Flashes of activity could be seen on his socials during his 5 months break, but nothing compelling that would suggest his return, not until now.

His latest tweet gives us a clearer insight on his intentions, which is a return to Twitch and YouTube very soon; “give me a little bit longer” it read. Carson asked for a little time before he gets back in full force after 5 months away but the reaction of fans upon a possible return is still up in the air.

Even though some of his fans found it fair for him to be with a girl just 2 years shy of his age but those grooming accusations will make the road to his return somewhat rocky.

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