New Valorant Map ‘Testing Grounds’ Potentially Teased in Episode 3 Battle Pass

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With the highly anticipated Valorant Episode 3 nearing its release, fans are growing eager to know more about what’s to arrive in the massive update. Luckily, it seems like we may already have an idea of what the next Valorant map will be like. 

Twitter user Cynprel has posted a theory on how the Episode 3 Battle Pass might be teasing the upcoming Valorant map ‘Testing Grounds’.

The tier-42 player card in the Episode 3 Battle Pass, Testing Grounds, features a landscape that seems to be a sort of canyon or valley reminiscent of Southwestern US. Cynprel suspects that this might be a tease for the new map. 

“No doubt there is Radianite present here, waiting to be stolen,” the user states, identifying a Radianite hazard symbol in the player card. 

Previously, we have seen Valorant developers hiding teasers for upcoming maps and agents in the contents of their Battle Passes. The recently released map, Breeze, was no exception to these teasers either.

However, Riot Games hasn’t confirmed any of the above-mentioned speculations regarding the potential new map ‘Testing Grounds’ as of yet. 

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