Big Nick says David Dobrik drove him to suicidal thoughts

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In in latest edition of H3H3’s After Dark podcast, guest Big Nik has shared his experience of working alongside David Dobrik and that his vlogs have driven him into depression and suicidal thoughts.

The former Vlog Squad member shared details about his life while working with Dobrik to Ethan and Hila Klein where he claims that the popular vlogger has bullied him to the extent where he fell into depression and started having suicidal thoughts. He also shed light on the toxic environment David had him working under, according to Nick, people working with him often showed signs of superiority complex, though he did willingly allow them to bully him in the vlogs but his work life was no different.

“I did allow David to disrespect me in the videos and that is partially my fault and so everyone just got the notion that ‘we can disrespect BigNik too. It just felt like a huge cult, just bad energy and I just didn’t want any part of it” revealed Big Nick.

“I can feel her on the whole feeling suicidal part . For a long time I felt worthless being in those videos , like ‘what’s the point of my existence because I was just treated like this punching bag. Everyone’s just mocking me and I had a long look in the mirror and I was like ‘wow I’m really depressed'”

Though this is not the first time Big Nick has tried to come out, about an year ago, he dedicated a video talking about the same but had to delete it at the time due to the lack of evidence. Given David’s popularity, his words alone wouldn’t have been enough against that of the former’s. Other than Nick, Trisha Paytas tried talking about the unpleasant nature of David Dobrik but she faced the same fate as Nick faced a year ago.

A statement from Dobrik is pending as of now and his silence is incriminating making their statements all the more believable for the general public. Given Dobrik’s fame across YouTube, this is a major blow to his reputation that he has built over the years.

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