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Valorant’s Competitive Environment To Change in 2022

Valorant is becoming an indispensable part of the industry with its gameplay and Esports system every day. We can say that its innovative ideas aiming to bring different communities together by diversifying the Esport ecosystem takes Valorant to the next level.

The more the Valorant professional arena evolves, the more players are attracted to Valorant bets which in turn will grow Valorant esports. That’s why the team continues to work at full speed to satisfy the players in every aspect.

The competitive environment created with the balanced structure and tournament system in the game manages to attract the attention of millions of people to Valorant. In today’s article, we will be taking a look at what might change in Valorant’s competitive environment in 2022.

If there are still those among us who do not know what Valorant is, we would like to say that they missed a lot. Don’t be alarmed though, in today’s article, we’ve compiled everything you want to know about Valorant’s competitive environment in 2022. Let’s take a detailed look at our content without wasting much time.

What Awaits Us at Valorant in 2022

Daniel Ringland spoke about innovative approaches to increase competition in the game. Speaking to NME, Ringland emphasized that in 2022, significant changes will be made in Valorant’s competitive structure that will affect most people.

Part of these upcoming changes is the Valorant Regional Circuit (VRC) and Valorant Regional Leagues (VRL). Ringland continued his ideas on this subject as follows;

“Within those circuits are many different amateur events that cater to many different sorts of people – social people, players that just want to be professional, they can all find something cool to participate in. They exist on a regional level – we have one in France, one in Turkey, one in MENA et cetera. A layer up from that we have the VRLs, the Valorant Regional Leagues. These aim to be in the top tier of national competition. We then have an event toward the end of the year where the top team from each of the eight VRLs will compete to figure out who is the best VRL team in EMEA.”

Listening to what Ringland has to say about the esports aspect of the game gives us positive expectations about what Valorant can become.

Game Changers

After emphasizing the importance of changes in the national leagues, Ringland went on to say that the Game Changers event will turn into “a global event that will happen toward the end of this year”. 

According to Ringland, Riot Games has designated Valorant’s ecosystem as “barrier-free”. That means you can find a place for yourself in Valorant no matter what your gaming skill is. Adding to his words, Ringland says: 

“What we mean by barrier free is that there’s an entry point for everybody that works for their level – and that’s one of the big advantages we see of being able to design that ecosystem from top to bottom, we can cater to everybody.”

“If you’re a pro player that’s been participating in Counter-Strike and you’re already really good, there’s an entry point. If you’re somebody that dreams of being pro and you’re well and truly on your way, perhaps you’re good enough to get into a VRL team, there’s an entry point for you. Then if you’re at the very beginning of that journey, there’s an entry point for you in the VRCs.”

The world of Valorant Esports is still very new as you know. Valorant was released in 2020 by Riot Games. It has reached millions of players in a short time, especially due to Valorant’s hype from League of Legends. At the same time, due to its competitive nature, Valorant bets came to the fore in this process.

Valorant Development Process and Future Outlook

Additionally, Ringland said the creators of Valorant were inspired by looking at other Esports titles to create their own playstyle. As the head of Valorant EMEA Esports, he talked about the need for many innovations in each region.

Ringland said that when we came together to design Valorant, they spent a lot of time not only looking at what we did, but also what other Esports was doing.

“I’d like to think that we haven’t just carbon copied what Riot’s done before, and that we have been able to incorporate some elements from other esports, particularly shooters, that are popular there and think will resonate with our audiences…We like to think that we’ve cherry picked and built what’s best for our fans.”

As we enter 2022, Ringland talks about exciting changes. This will be completely beyond a configuration. And he added that “Valorant Esports is a big priority for Riot.”

Finally, Ringland continued his words as follows; 

“We feel that we’re at the very beginning of this journey even though this will be our second year. We feel really good about the foundations we’ve laid particularly coming into 2022 with the VRCs and VRLs. Really, now we just need to be focusing on growing all of those, continuing to listen to our fans, understand them, and what they want. Our focus will be on growing the foundations of what we have built together with our fans.”

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