RRQ Rumored to Acquire Mobile Legends Team in Brazil

RRQ, one of the largest esports organizations in Indonesia, is reported to have formed a Mobile Legends team in Brazil and joined MPL to form its Mobile Legends division team in Brazil.

This news spread quickly after the Brazilian esports media, OBuff, introduced the roster from RRQ Brazil on OBuff’s Instagram account on Tuesday, February 22, 2022. From the uploaded poster, it can be seen that there are familiar faces in the pro scene of mobile legends.

Although the RRQ team’s official account still hasn’t announced the acquisition of the team, so we still have to wait for the information to get confirmed. In addition to having an experienced roster, the team brought in two players who are already well-known in the Brazilian MPL scene, Seigen, and Gusta. The following is the roster of the Mobile Legends RRQ Brazil players.

  • Luiiz – Roamer
  • King – Jungler
  • Gusta – Gold Lane
  • Blink – Reserved
  • Tekashi – EXP laner
  • Seigen – Midlaner

It is great news for the Brazilan esports ecosystem, as one of Asia’s largest E-Sports organizations, RRQ has entered the region.