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Phantom Or Vandal: Which Valorant Weapon Is Better?

The argument of which character, Phantom or Vandal, is better is one that will never be settled in Valorant. The pros and disadvantages of each weapon have been endlessly debated, yet even hardcore supporters of a gun sometimes flip sides.

On the other hand, it would appear that the professionals have reached a conclusion regarding Valorant Champions 2022. No matter which map is being used, one weapon is clearly superior to the other in terms of overall effectiveness.

During the group stage, participants picked the Vandal 44.52% of the time compared to the Phantom’s 15.19 %. On maps such as Breeze and Icebox, which offer long sightlines that favor the Vandal, this proportion was much more skewed than it already was.

On Icebox, the Vandal was picked 49.53 % of the time, while the Phantom was picked only 11.25% of the time. This disparity is likely because of the long engagements that are typical of B site.

In contrast to the Phantom, headshots from the Vandal are lethal at any range, making it the superior weapon for engagements at a greater distance. The Phantom, on the other hand, suffers from damage falloff after 15 meters, with a further drop occurring at 30 meters. Beyond 30m, headshots deal 124 damage, not enough to kill an adversary with full or half shields.

This indicates that additional rounds are required to kill it, which may put Phantom users at a disadvantage versus sharp opponents who wield the Vandal.

That is not to suggest, however, that the Phantom does not come with its own set of enviable perks. Due to the fact that its bullet tracers are not visible, it is the superior weapon to use when spraying through smoke or when operating inside of a Viper’s Pit.

It also features a faster fire rate, a more forgiving recoil, and higher accuracy with the initial bullet, all of which contribute to the assumption that it is more reliable. On the other hand, it appears that none of that matters at Champions. Even on the defensive side, many players are picking up the Vandal card.

Having said that, there are still several teams who stand out. Alongside the Korean powerhouse DRX, 100 Thieves is another group that continues to favor the Phantom. Other teams, such as Fnatic, have a more even distribution of players down the middle.

The Vandal has a tiny advantage over the Phantom in terms of its statistics. Because it just takes one shot to kill, it is an extremely dependable weapon when tapping. Whether it comes to rifles, the Vandal is almost unquestionably going to be the superior option when operating in a long corridor or in an open location.

But VALORANT‘s close-quarters maps make the Phantom dangerous. On a map like Breeze, the Vandal has a significant advantage in a gunfight that takes place at a distance. But the Phantom reigns supreme when experienced up close and personal somewhere like Icebox.

The rapid fire rate of the Phantom, along with its five additional bullets, results in a significant amount of damage. It’s possible that this gun isn’t the finest one for tapping, but when it comes to spraying, that’s an entirely different story. It is simple to operate, and the spray it produces is far more uniform than that of the Vandal.

Additionally contributing to the Phantom’s distinct edge is the fact that it does not utilize bullet tracers. It easily comes out on top when spraying through smoke or rushing and shooting.

In close-quarters combat, the Vandal has trouble maintaining control of its errant spray, and it performs inconsistently overall. However, if the blow to the head is timed correctly, it can still result in a kill.

The Vandal was by far the more well-liked of the two rifles during the VALORANT Champions competition in September of 2022. In comparison, the Phantom was used in rounds 3,255 times by players, meaning that it was used more than 8,000 times by players.

However, the decision is still entirely up to you. Both the Phantom and the Vandal have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, allowing them to be useful in a variety of situations. When deciding one of the two firearms to use, the map, the location, the position, and the playstyle should all be taken into consideration.

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