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Most Dangerous Valorant Hackers Ever

Have you ever encountered a hacker who annoyed you to the point where you found Vanguard useless?

It’s the worst feeling of sinking, where there is no way out, but to ride the game out to avoid a ban or a cooldown. Let us explore the dark side of Valorant, looking at some of the most dangerous hacking methods that malicious players have used to terrorize the consensus of us trying just to play the game peacefully. 

The aimbots of the world

valorant hack

These notoriously obvious hacks help the process of aiming automated, helping players snap their crosshairs directly onto their enemies’ heads with inhumane time and precision. Imagine scenarios where players with average skills top the leaderboard, thanks to aimbots eliminating their opponents in sheer milliseconds. The “aim lock” capabilities completely disrupt the core gameplay of Valorant where aiming is a key pillar to gauge someone’s skills. 

Wallhacks: See right through someone


This insidious hacking method lets the hackers see through walls, letting them gauge enemy positions regardless of any obstacles between them. This unfair advantage nullifies the need for strategic planning entirely, which lets them know when opponents are lurking, turning them omnipresent throughout their games. The lack of the element of surprise and getting shot in your head as soon as you turn a corner is not the best feeling in the world. Trust us when we tell you this. 

Teleporting terror

valorant teleport

Have you ever thought of defying the law of physics? Well, antisocial elements of the world portray an image of just that, by warping across the map in no time, letting them bypass map boundaries and reposition themselves anywhere on their whims. Imagine being so unskilled at the game where you don’t only need aim assist, but abilities to be a wimp and sneak up through impossible methods behind your enemy! Sadly if you ever run into one of these types of cheaters, they will render your map knowledge and tactical positioning useless

Beyond the basics: Scripting and other exploits

Mystbloom Skin Issue in Valorant - Riot Games Takes Action

It is astonishing to think that the world of cheating, in Valorant extends beyond all of the types we just saw above. Some methods give players an unfair advantage and you wouldn’t bat an eye if not for the confirmation bias when rewatching a replay. These exploits could be as simple as scripting certain in-game mechanics like recoil control or spray pattern modifiers offering an unfair advantage during gun fights. Some people have even reported scenarios where people although unable to see through obstacles, alter the files such that they can see through smoke and flashes which contribute to the threat landscape for the community.

We at Talkesport believe that these methods create an uneven playing field, robbing natural skill sets and players of their fair chance at rewarding gameplay and experiences. Albeit the specifics of such hacks keep evolving, the core threat is something that to date remains a constant challenge for the developers and the Valorant Community. 

To ensure such worthless, undeserving malicious entities do not see the day of the light in Valorant again, report a hacker as soon as you notice suspicious behavior. If possible, record a clip of their suspicious behavior, be specific about the issue on this link here.

And always remember, never engage with a cheater despite how annoying they might be, and just focus on the game and get over with it. Never stoop to their levels, and keep your heads high!

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