Monday, October 26, 2020

Valve made over $1.2mn in January from cheaters only

From a report published by the unofficial Steam's communicating website SteamDB. Valve made over $1mn (at least) in January from cheaters solely. SteamDB, an independent...

Mongolz won hearts at IEM Taipei, ahead of Indians, Australians, Chinese And Taiwanese

Following up the close semi-finals against Chiefs, TheMongolz closed the finals for the qualifier out in a very convincing fashion against LA Renegades by...
fanobet banned in US

Fanobet banned in the US under UIGEA Act

The mega esports betting website which goes by the name Fanobet banned in the US under UIGEA code of conduct under the LAW acts of...
Kinguin csgo skins shop

Kinguin CSGO Skins shop has been introduced

Skins are the best way to customize CS:GO game and make your profile correspond to your style! Make the gameplay truly yours by adding...
Tyloo disqualified from iem taipei

TyLoo disqualified from IEM Taipei following past VAC on his account

Following the investigations over the allegations on the TyLoo's QZ VAC-banned account previously. IEM management had no reason to delay the decision and TyLoo...
Indian Esports

Indian Esports: Advent of a Revolution

Indian Esports will see a revolution this coming February. The Indian Gaming league well set foot in its processions from the 1st of February as...
Knives drop in csgo

Knives drop in CSGO is here, Valve’s latest update to the game

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Yes it is happening now, after almost two decades Valve is going odds on the eliminating the most...

League of Legends reportedly made $1.6 billion revenue in 2015

It may be free-to-play, however League of Legends remodeled $1.6 billion in revenue last year—making it the world’s highest-grossing digital game. The numbers come back...
Katowice 2016

Mousesports qualify for IEM Katowice 2016

Mousesports have defeated the Copenhagen Wolves 2-0 to win the second European qualifier for the IEM Season 10 World Championships. In addition to defeating the...
Olofmeister player of the year 2015

Olofmeister player of the year 2015 by

HLTV finally announced the #1 Counter Strike: Global Offensive player of 2015 after player by player from the 20th spot. The 23 year old Swede...

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