Ghatak says BGMI return “will take time”

ghatak bgmi
Photo: Sportskeeda

BGMI ban has been discussed passively in the community for the past few days as no new official updates were given by Krafton or Indian government sources. Ghatak, one of the most influential personalities from the community, recently addressed the topic on his livestream and mentioned that unban will take time.

BGMI was banned by the Indian government over its privacy and user data concerns. There was also an issue where BGMI was said to be linked with China, making it eligible for a ban order that was similar to what was seen with PUBG Mobile.

The game is not officially stated as being banned but the developers are barred from openly distributing the game, basically making it impossible for Krafton to provide the game to new users or give any update to existing users.

Ghatak is known to be vocal about BGMI and its several other aspects and ban is currently the major aspect out of it. He did not mention about any unban date on his Livestream or any other platforms but has said that BGMI will return for sure.

BGMI audience is eager to know about the status of BGMI ban in India as it has been a couple of months since the ban order has been placed and no development has taken place since then. Apart from minor changes, fans have taken it to their favourite creators to find the answers to such questions.

The creators are sensibly answering this and Ghatak being one of the oldest from the community has stated that BGMI ban will be lifted but the time duration is not available yet. It will be taking some time till the officials sort the matter out and release the game back in India.