Monday, September 21, 2020

“Don’t think kriSSh can cheat, but India always comes first”: National CSGO Captain Karthik...

The recent announcement of the World CS:GO Championship by has given a chance to the non-traditional Counter-Strike powerhouses such as India to showcase... ties up with PayTM to increase India expansion

One of gaming’s biggest e-commerce websites, recently graduated to another next level of sustainability by tying up with long time payment website, Paytm....

Valve responds to Steam Market price glitch, says effected transactions will be rolledback

If you are an active Steam trader or a reddit browser, you probably have come across this issue the previous evening, where Steam users...

iBP and NetcodeGuides allegedly involved in a cheating scandal

In a reportedly another cheating scandal by top North American Counter Strike roaster, iBUYPOWER (ibp), this time the cheating wasn’t involved with third party softwares,...

kHRYSTAL, Threat return to Counter Strike with Team Acer

Former Lions Counter Strike 1.6 pair, Bjorn ‘threat’ Pers and Frej “kHRYSTAL” Sjostorm have entered the competitive CS:GO scene with Team Acer. The Germany...

NeckBREAK’s ‘ACE’ quits professional gaming

In what will come as a surprise to several member of the Indian CS:GO community, Tejas “ace” Sawant has decided to quit competitive gaming...

How the money is divided in CS:GO competitive

The money system is a gameplay equipment offered in the Counter-Strike arrangement. Players begin a match with a defined sum (normally $800 however can be changed...

KabuM e-sports part ways with CS:GO roster

Brazilian CS:GO stalwarts KabuM E-sports have announced that the team have parted ways with the organisation, after facing several financial problems in supporting them,...

Valve breaks record of con-current users on New Year’s eve, hits 8.4mn users

Following the New Year’s Eve, Valve has a start it would have hoped for. Over 8mn users celebrated together on Steam this New Year...

Twitch Acquires GoodGame Agency (GGA)

Twitch, the main feature stage for gamers, today advertised that it has arrived at a consent to secure Goodgame, the world’s first full-benefit office...

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