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Huge Leaks Surface About Next CS2 Update: New Maps, Keychains, Case, & More

Leaked Content for the Next CS2 Update

It’s been over 1,000 days since Operation Riptide, the last Operation in Counter-Strike, was released. However, recent leaks suggest that a new Operation may be just around the corner, igniting widespread anticipation among fans of the shooter.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on social media forums recently, you’re probably aware of the excitement within the CS2 community over the leaks about the game’s next major update. In fact, prominent dataminers have shared various elements from the upcoming CS2 update on platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube, further fueling the buzz.

The leaked elements include new maps, a new case, keychains that you can attach to your weapons, and much more. Can’t wait to know more? Let’s check out everything that has been leaked so far about the next CS2 update.

New CS2 Update: All Leaks

On June 15th, Gabe Follower, a well-known dataminer in the CS2 community, claimed that Valve might be working on “clothing skins and keychains” for the next CS2 update, sparking speculation about a possible major update.

The leaker followed up with images of five maps—Thera, Memento, Assembly, Pool Day, and Mills—all of which were part of the $15,000 Big Adventures CS2 Mapping Contest on Mapcore.

Following this, the community began speculating whether these maps would be added to CS2 in the next update. The speculations were further fueled by the official CS2 X handle, which replied to a Tweet by the creator behind the map ‘Mills’ with a GIF from the popular TV show, ‘The Office’.


On June 16th, Gabe Follower claimed in a Tweet that Valve would be adding ‘Keychains’ to CS2 in the near future while attaching a piece of code from the game that seems to reference these Keychains.

He then proceeded to attach a concept art of the CS2 Keychain in a follow-up Tweet.

New CS2 Case

Another notable CS2 leaker, Aquarius, shared in a Tweet on June 17th that a new CS2 case is expected to be included in the upcoming update.

While details about this mysterious new case remain unknown at the time of writing, all the aforementioned leaks have fueled widespread speculation within the CS2 community about the possibility of a new CS2 Operation launching in the coming days.

Whether it’s a new operation or not, with five new maps, a fresh case, and several other cosmetics on the horizon, the update is shaping up to be packed with content, and it’s safe to say that the next CS2 update is expected to be the biggest update in the game’s history.

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