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BLAST Bounty 2025: Everything You Need to Know about the New CS2 Event

A New Era of Competition: Choice-Based Seeding and Bounties Headline BLAST CS2 2025

With the impending loss of the CS2 partner system BLAST has revealed a significant overhaul to its 2025 structure at the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024, giving viewers a preview of what to anticipate from BLAST’s CS2 schedule next year.

3 teams from the Valve Global Ranking and 2 wildcard teams—will be invited to the competition. The online competition will feature a best-of-three single-elimination tournament, with quarterfinalists advancing to a LAN hosted by BLAST Studios in Copenhagen.

Teams will get a reward according to their seeding at the beginning of the BLAST reward CS2 competitions. Winners of the match will get a guaranteed monetary prize of 50% of their opponent’s bounty; the remaining 50% will be added to the bounty of the winning team.

Lower-ranked teams have two options: they can go for the money against more difficult opponents, or they can go for another lower-ranked team for an easier run. Recall that prize money won determines the Valve Global Ranking, so this could be a terrific method to rise through the ranks.

A choice-based seeding system is unlike anything we have seen in esports. BLAST deserves the credit for coming up with an incredibly creative method that challenges teams at the most fundamental level. However, teams are yet to react to this announcement and its reception is still up in the air.

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