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Ahri Ban Rates Skyrocket As LoL Players Protest $500 Skin

Player Fury Ignited by Exorbitant Ahri Skin Price

In the short time since its release, the Immortalized Legends Ahri skin has found itself hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons. This new League of Legends bundle, created to honor esports legend Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok, has become the center of controversy due to its exorbitant price tag of approximately $435 USD.

A good portion of the LoL community was outraged at the release of the new Ahri bundle, with some fans accusing Riot Games of having “0 shame” and calling the IL collection “borderline illegal”. Additionally, some players claimed that the new bundle violates consumer protection laws in their country.


The League of Legends community was swift to come up with a form of protest against the new Ahri bundle, with many players deciding to permaban Ahri in every game they play.

With the Ahri skin hitting the League of Legends store on June 12th, the community’s protest became evident. A glance at the current ban rates of champions shows that Ahri’s ban rate has skyrocketed from under 7% to over 20% within the past few days.


With Riot Games introducing an entirely new skin-tier for the release of the new Ahri skin, more premium skins of this nature will likely follow in the future. Nevertheless, given the community’s strong backlash, the developers may reassess their pricing strategy and how these skins are perceived by players moving forward.

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