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How to play FIFA 23 for EA Play Users

Here is some simple steps that readers can follow to play FIFA 23 10 hour trial version.

Entering a Match Disabled FIFA 22: What’s This?

Sometimes, FIFA 22 players may have an issue when trying to use FIFA Ultimate Team online. In the beginning of a game you may notice that the...

EA and FIFA officially part ways; EA Sports FC to rename the AAA title

EA Sports FIFA video game series was the most favorite game among the football gaming community. After two decades, however, EA and FIFA are...

Asian Games 2022 Will Feature 8 Esports Titles Including Dota 2, Hearthstone and Street Fighter

Gamers across the world, rejoice! What many avid esports enthusiasts had considered to be a distant dream is now, in fact, a reality. The...

FIFA 21: Meet the Man behind the Sensational voice of “EA Sports, it’s in the game”

If you are a zealous FIFA fan, you had been hearing the "EA Sports, it’s in the game" intro since your childhood. Ain't you?...

Football legend Zlatan Ibrahimović accuses EA Sports, FIFA of fraud

Professional Footballer and Swedish icon Zlatan Ibrahimovic has raised questions on the use of his name and face in popular EA Sports title FIFA. The...

FIFA Championship Qualifer decided by a game of Rock, Paper & Scissors due to server outage

Imagine the hard work and daily practices to polish and level up your skills all going down the drain after losing a game of chance i.e....

Kurt roasts Ninja & EA after streamer says he’d master FIFA in a week

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has been roasted on Twitter yet again after he claims to be able to keep up with the professionals of the FIFA Esports community.

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League of Legends Faker Ahri Bundle is ‘Breaking Consumer Protection Law’, Brazilian Players Claim

Controversy erupts in Brazil as League of Legends players allege Riot Games' new Ahri skin bundle violates consumer protection laws by forcing them to purchase a large bundle instead of individual items.

How to Fix ‘Failed to Download Supervised Settings’ in Fortnite?

If you have been playing Fortnite a lot lately,...

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Free Fire, the renowned battle royale game, continues to...

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