Gaming consoles where visitors can try out the "Fifa 19" video game are seen at the booth of EA Sports during the Gamescom convention on August 22, 2018 in Cologne, western Germany. - The international trade fair for interactive games and entertainment runs until August 25, 2018. (Photo by Christophe Gateau / dpa / AFP) / Germany OUT (Photo credit should read CHRISTOPHE GATEAU/AFP/Getty Images)

Imagine the hard work and daily practices to polish and level up your skills all going down the drain after losing a game of chance i.e. Rock, Paper & Scissors, something that’s not even related to the game you are participating in to decide if you qualify for a Championship to showcase those skills.

Well, this kind of ordeal happened with some Pro FIFA players that were unable to connect with other participants after a server outage degraded the quality of the game’s matchmaking.

On Thursday, EA servers witnessed a total outage that caused the online services of several games to go down and players unable to connect. Although the outage was fixed shortly after and EA also tweeted about the service going back to normal. But, this weekend several players reported that they were still witnessing connection issues and server being unstable. This time EA didn’t acknowledge the issue like they did on Thursday and didn’t postpone/delay the online Qualifiers for the FUT 2020 Championship.

Due to connection issues, several participants were unable to connect to game servers or even able to search and lobby up together. This caused several hours of delays and default loss for some participants.

In a similar case, a player named Shaun Galea took to Twitter and explained that he and his opponent Hasan Eker, couldn’t find each other to play in the qualifiers and as a result qualification was decided over a few rounds of ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ which Galea lost.

Later, in the evening EA sports confirmed the issues with matchmaking and also the “unique situation” and told that no player was eliminated by Rock, Paper, Scissors or a match default.

EA’s servers are notorious for their issues and since its launch in September last year, FIFA 20 has been blighted with game breaking bugs and issues which have caused an uproar among the fans since. Despite several patches since launch, the game is still riddled with game breaking bugs and EA is being ridiculed about how they have handled the Fan Favorite franchise and many fans thinking the game as a step backward for the franchise.