Photo Via Major League Soccer

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has been roasted on Twitter yet again after he claims to be able to keep up with the professionals of the FIFA Esports community.

Kurt ‘Kurt0411’ Fench, a former professional FIFA player chose to differ with Ninja’s aver. The self-proclaimed “Greatest FIFA Player Of All Time” had some harsh thoughts about Tyler and the game itself. Kurt who was permanently banned from all FIFA 20 Tournaments when a clip of him verbally abusing EA Sports surfaced, called the American a ‘Son Of a Bit*h’ after explaining that Ninja avoids delay, dynamic difficulty, and broken mechanics in Fortnite.

“I mean, Ochocinco challenged me like a year ago and I never took him up on that, Who knows, actually, give me like a week in that game bro and I’d be good,” said Ninja.

Ninja proved that he is right up there with the world’s top Fortnite players but EA Sports’ competitive title is much difficult uphill climb from him at this point in his career. Kurt0411, as toxic as always has some truth to his claims this time. Only time can tell if Ninja pursues this in a serious manner.