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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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G2 Wins IEM Dallas 2024

G2 Esports has emerged victorious at IEM Dallas 2024, overcoming a strong challenge from Team Vitality in the Grand Finals. This victory marks their first major CS2 trophy.

m0NESY Earns CS2’s 10-Year Veteran Coin at 18

Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov, the 18-year-old Counter-Strike prodigy, has achieved a rare feat: earning the CS2 10-Year Veteran Coin. This accomplishment speaks volumes about his early dedication and rapid rise in the professional scene.

Counter Strike 2 (CS2) Now Lets You RENT Skins

Counter-Strike 2 introduces skin rentals! Discover how to rent weapon skins using the Kilowatt case, explore the benefits and limitations, and elevate your CS2 style.

GetRight, Coldzera named in Valve’s legal notice served to CSGO teams

Valve has taken a decisive stance amid rising conflicts of interest in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro scene.

DeathMaker joins Paper Rex on loan for ESL Pro League

GE send DeathMaker on loan to Paper Rex.

Renegades win DreamHack Masters Spring – Oceania

The Dreamhack Masters Spring Oceania saw Renegades emerge victorious against AVANT in a best of 5 series winning 3-2 (16-0 default, 13-16 Dust2, 9-16...

How to convert your CSGO sensitivity to Valorant?

Your muscle memory will thank you after you read this guide.

WePlay! Clutch Island invites announced

Weplay! have announced the teams that have been invited to their main event as well as the closed qualifiers. The tournament called ‘Clutch Island’...

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Is Palworld Coming to PS5?

After months of silence, a cryptic tweet from [Bucky/developer name] has sparked speculation about a potential Palworld PS5 release.

Valorant Episode 9 Release Date and Time

Valorant Episode 9 Act 1 arrives on June 25th! Get the latest on the release date, new agent teasers, the Evori Dreamwings skin bundle, and more.

Unexpected Valorant Ultimate Interaction Baffles Players & Developers Alike

A new clip circulating on social media reveals a surprising interaction between KAY/O and Iso's ultimate abilities in Valorant. The clip has sparked debate among players and even caught the attention of Riot Games developers, leaving many wondering if the interaction is a bug or an intended game mechanic.