Weplay! have announced the teams that have been invited to their main event as well as the closed qualifiers. The tournament called ‘Clutch Island’ will host the the Summer Major Regional Ranking tournament for the CIS region.

This is the second RMR tournament for CIS teams and will include open as well as a closed qualifier and then leading to the main event which is scheduled from June 23-28. The teams which are currently ranked in the top 5 RMR standings have been invited straight to the main event.

Teams invited for the main event –

  • Hard Legion
  • Spirit
  • Virtus.pro
  • Winstrike
  • Natus Vincere

The teams which are placed from sixth to tenth in the standings will start in the closed qualifiers.

Teams invited for the closed qualifiers –

  • Nemiga
  • Syman
  • Gambit Youngsters
  • Espada
  • forZe

There will also be a open qualifier for this event and the three teams will then join the above teams in the closed qualifiers for this tournament. The prize pool of this tournament is $ 50,000 and also a pot of RMR points.