American furniture giant Herman Miller has announced their partnership with Swiss gaming peripheral manufacturer Logitech to introduce a gaming chair to their line-up of gaming furnishings. The Embody Gaming Chair comes with a pricetag of a whopping $1500 which is likely to turn a lot of heads.

The chair, as claimed by Herman Miller is brought to life with the aid of 30 physicians and PhD holders, who helped in researching the common postures that gamers opt for during an intense gaming session. The final outcome is in form of a chair which is designed to provide the utmost comfort.

The chair is padded with an additional layer of foam which helps keep the user in correct posture. The seat also comes with a copper infused cooling technology which dissipate the heat generated in prolong gaming sessions. A PostureFit device is included in the chair which will keep the user in a position where their chest is open and the pelvis is inclined front wise, which is the strongest and healthiest body posture.

The BackFit adjustment prevents the user’s spine from resting in a curve position which is natural after long sessions of sitting in the same place. Furthermore, it comes with additional support for your lower spine along with regular lumbar support.

Pressure distribution points are settled all across the chair which reads the micro movements of your body and adjusts accordingly to even out the pressure helping your blood flow better.

During the times of quarantine, it is no surprise that most of us have antiquated ourselves to the habit of gamers, sitting in their chair for hours looking at their monitors. As unfortunate times leave us no choice but to resort to computers to carry out our regular activities like attending classes and meetings, we might as well get a new chair to look after our physique.