Corinna Kopf Banned From Twitch Once Again: Here’s Why

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American Social Media Star, Instagram Model, and popular streamer Corinna Kopf has been banned from Twitch once again only months after her return to the streaming platform.

After rising to popularity through YouTube, Corinna Kopf switched to Twitch and gained rapid traction on the platform. However, her Twitch career was rather short-lived as she was banned for a clip that was a year old at the time the suspension was delivered.

After her ban from Twitch, Corinna proceeded to sign an exclusive deal with Facebook Gaming and started streaming there instead.

She returned to Twitch in March 2022 after spending two years streaming on Facebook Gaming. Her IRL streams started gaining some serious traction from her loyal fan base before she found herself getting banned from the platform yet again.

Why Was Corinna Kopf Banned From Twitch?

While the reason behind the ban of Kopf was initially a mystery, the star later Tweeted a screenshot of an email that she had received from Twitch. According to the email, Kopf was banned from the platform for ‘inappropriate attire’. The email further states that the violation occurred in her profile, which is why many fans think that her profile picture could have been the reason behind the ban.

However, fans of the 26-year-old won’t be missing her for long, as the suspension is only for a day. Corinna Kopf will be free to stream on Twitch once again starting May 13, 2022.

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