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xQc addresses racist remarks after $100k Rust Twitch Rivals drama

Felix Lengyel aka xQc never fails to stay away from drama given how he managed to walk his way into trouble during the $100,000 Twitch Rivals Rust event where he was accused of showing racist behavior towards a Spanish streamer.

On April 14 the Twitch Rivals event saw some of the platform’s top streamers from North America, LATAM, and Spain fight it out between Team DisguisedToast and Team Alexby11.

Several of the Spanish streamers did not want to continue given they believed that the streamers from NA were not respectful enough. xQc took the opportunity to taunt them, which has resulted in several community members being racist.

 “Oh, I said you’re s**t at Rust, get a job? Still mad about that?” said xQc to which dilanzito replied: “xQc, you are the most racist guy.”

“LMFAO, who the f**k types that in your employers’ tournament chat,” replied xQc.

Even though they were far behind in the game, they continued playing after this heated exchange while the fun of the tournament was long gone by then.

The organizers have claimed that they will re-evaluate the situation to find out what really happened.

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