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XDefiant: Best Weapons to Use

Ubisoft’s XDefiant has recently entered the Closed Beta phase, and players all around the world are enjoying their time with the game. One of the most important aspects of any FPS game is the choice of weapons, and XDefiant is no exception. In this article, we will guide you through the best weapons to use in XDefiant’s current Closed Beta.

Best Assault Rifle in XDefiant Beta

The M4A1 is our top pick for the best assault rifle in XDefiant. It is a well-balanced weapon that performs well in all situations. The M4A1’s accuracy, mobility, and stability make it easy to handle, and it can perform well at both close and long distances.

Best SMG in XDefiant Beta

The MP7 is the best SMG in XDefiant Beta. It offers a good balance of firepower, mobility, and stability, without sacrificing accuracy. The MP7’s high rate of fire allows you to rush in and clear out the opposition from all angles and ranges.

Best LMG in XDefiant Beta

The RPK-78 is the best LMG in XDefiant Beta. It provides a great balance between handling and damage, making it a solid choice for both offense and defense. The RPK-78’s large magazine size allows you to keep firing without having to reload frequently.

Best Shotgun in XDefiant Beta

The AA-12 is the best shotgun currently available in XDefiant. It offers a great balance of base damage and mobility, making it a versatile weapon. The high rate of fire of the AA-12 allows you to clear out rooms quickly and effectively.

Best Marksman Rifle in XDefiant Beta

The SVD is our top pick for the best marksman rifle in XDefiant Beta. It offers a great balance between precision and long-range specialty, making it an excellent weapon for both sniping and direct exchanges. The SVD’s adaptability allows players to excel in different situations.

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Best Sniper Rifle in XDefiant Beta

The TEC-50 is the best sniper rifle in XDefiant Beta. It can take down any target it hits above the waist, but it requires players to commit once they fire due to its low handling and weight.

Best Secondary Weapon in XDefiant Beta

The 93R is the best secondary weapon in XDefiant Beta. It offers above-average stats and the ability to shoot three rounds at once, making it a reliable choice for backup firepower.

These are the best weapons to use in XDefiant’s current Closed Beta. Each weapon has unique features that make them stand out and cater to different play styles. It is important to choose the right weapon that suits your preferences and playstyle.

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