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Wuthering Waves: How to Get the “Do You Believe in Light?” Achievement

Unlocking the Secrets of Phantom Echoes

Are you on a quest to unlock all the achievements in Wuthering Waves? If you’re puzzled by the “Do You Believe in Light?” trophy, fret not! This guide will illuminate the path to capturing this elusive achievement and adding it to your collection.

“Do You Believe in Light?” Achievement Guide for Wuthering Waves

Hidden within the Voices section of the Trophies menu, the “Do You Believe in Light?” achievement teases players with its cryptic description: “What on earth is that twinkling thing…”. To unravel this mystery, you’ll need to embark on a hunt for a special entity known as a Shiny Echo or Phantom Class Echo.

How to Capture a Shiny Echo in Wuthering Waves

Catching a Shiny Echo is the key to unlocking this achievement. Once you’ve successfully captured one, a “New Trophy” notification will confirm your triumph. However, these Phantom Class Echoes are known for their random appearances, with no guaranteed spawn locations.

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Where to Find Phantom Class Echoes

While the spawn rate of Phantom Class Echoes is unpredictable, certain areas have reported more consistent sightings. Players should focus their search on regions dense with Echoes, as these are the most likely places to encounter a Shiny Echo.

South of Withering Frontline

Many adventurers have found success south of Withering Frontline. Look for the star icon on your map as a beacon for potential Phantom Class Echo spawns. If your initial search is fruitless, consider joining another player’s game world and revisiting the location until you strike gold.

Tolling Stream

Tolling Stream is another promising location for Shiny Echo hunters. This area has a reputation for consistent spawns, especially of the Hoartoise variant.

Tips for the Hunt

Remember, the hunt for a Shiny Echo is a game of patience and persistence. The daily reset may present new opportunities, so it’s wise to check the hotspots after this time. Additionally, the Phantom Rocksteady Guardian, located just south of the Tempest Mephis Boss fight location, is a recommended target for those seeking the “Do You Believe in Light?” achievement.

Unlocking the “Do You Believe in Light?” trophy in Wuthering Waves is an exciting challenge that rewards explorers with a keen eye and a bit of luck. By focusing your search on the South of Withering Frontline and Tolling Stream, and being willing to hop into other players’ worlds, you’ll increase your chances of capturing the coveted Shiny Echo. Happy hunting, and may the light of achievement shine upon you!

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