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How to Find Scarletthorn in Wuthering Waves

Scarletthorn is a crucial material in Wuthering Waves, used primarily for crafting weapons. This guide will help you locate Scarletthorn throughout Huanglong and provide details on the weapons you can create with it.

Scarletthorn Location

Scarletthorn is an ore-like material that can only be obtained by mining it from specific locations in Wuthering Waves. It appears as crimson-hued mineral clusters with sharp, needle-like formations, typically found on rocky surfaces alongside other ores like Floramber.

Key Locations to Find Scarletthorn

  1. Whining Aix’s Mire: This area is rich in Scarletthorn, with around 13 ore spots near the top and 14 along the southern route.
  2. Dim Forest: You can find approximately 30 ore spots along the path above.
  3. Central Plains: Start at the village to find four ore spots, then head northeast to find eight more.
  4. Desorock Highland: This area has around 21 ore spots along the route.
  5. Tiderise Cliffs and Court of Savantae Ruins: These locations are also known for their Scarletthorn clusters.
  6. Gorges of Spirit and Nostalgia Isle: Additional areas where Scarletthorn can be found.

To mine Scarletthorn, simply attack the deposit with your basic attacks or Resonance Skills.

Scarletthorn Weapons

Scarletthorn is used to craft various weapons, primarily swords and guns. These weapons can be crafted at Uncle Wei’s Weapon Shop in Jinzhou City. Below is a list of craftable weapons, their abilities, and the materials required.

Craftable Weapons

Weapon NameAbilityMaterials Required
Guardian PistolsUnity: Resonance Skill DMG Bonus is increased by 12%10 x Scarletthorn
Guardian SwordUnified: Resonance Skill DMG Bonus is increased by 12%10 x Scarletthorn
Guardian BroadbladeConsensus: Increases Basic Attack DMG and Heavy Attack DMG by 12%10 x Scarletthorn
Pistols #26Omniscient: Increases ATK by 6% every 5s when no damage is taken, stacking up to 2 times. Reduces stacks by 1 and restores HP by 5% when damage is taken.150 x Scarletthorn, Standard weapon mold
Sword #18Daybreak: Increases Heavy Attack DMG by 18% and restores HP by 5% when HP drops below 40%. Can be triggered every 8s.150 x Scarletthorn, Standard weapon mold
Broadblade #41Veteran: Increases ATK by 12% when HP is above 80%. Restores HP by 5% for dealing Basic or Heavy Attack DMG when HP is below 40%. Can be triggered every 8s.150 x Scarletthorn, Standard weapon mold

Explanation of Abilities

  • Unity/Unified: These abilities enhance the damage of your Resonance Skills, making your attacks more powerful.
  • Consensus: This ability boosts both Basic and Heavy Attack damage, providing a balanced increase in overall combat effectiveness.
  • Omniscient: This ability rewards careful play by increasing attack power when avoiding damage and providing a healing mechanism when hit.
  • Daybreak: This ability is designed for resilience, increasing damage and providing healing when your HP is low.
  • Veteran: This ability offers a dual benefit, increasing attack power when your HP is high and providing healing when your HP is low.

Finding Scarletthorn in Wuthering Waves requires exploring specific areas and mining the ore clusters. Once collected, Scarletthorn can be used to craft a variety of powerful weapons at Uncle Wei’s Weapon Shop. By following this guide, you can efficiently gather Scarletthorn and enhance your arsenal in the game.

Happy mining and crafting!

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