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How to upgrade your support staff in esports organizations?

When organizations hire an employee, they look for various aspects in their prospective candidate. Esports support staff are no different. In fact, in esports, other than the players, the staff has to upgrade their skills every day long. One thing that is given the most attention is the education, training, or knowledge about the job role. 

This is mainly true for those roles that require a certain level of expertise to perform. The candidates often come across a list of such qualities mentioned in the job requirement by organizations. Take the position of an editor, for example. The candidates will be required to have developed expertise in editing copies. 

These are hard skills. The skills that get the job done for organizations. The skills are developed via apprenticeships, certification programs, colleges, or on-the-job training. A few examples include process management, data interpretation, data analysis, computer skills, search engine optimization, and UX design among many. 

Unlike your behavior or communication capabilities, you can measure the hard skills in a quantifiable way. 

From written tests to verbal questions during an interview, there are several ways for organizations to test the hard skills of the prospect. Once selected, there are many organizations that find ways to further help employees improve their hard skills with several training sessions. 

Here is how you can achieve the same for your employees. 

Conducting education training 

The first and foremost is definitely nurturing the current hard skills and making sure they are more refined. By hosting training sessions, you can be sure about the quality of hard skills that your employees will bring to the table. 

With learning management software, a cloud-based platform, you can create, execute, and track these training sessions. Why opt for a digital tool? Because it will help you understand exactly where your employee stands and how much of the bridge do you need to cover. After all, digital runs on data. 

You can conduct assessment tests at the end of the training and make a note of where your employees stand. There are various LMS available with various features and pricing models. For instance, the Adobe Connect pricing model is subscription-based. You can pay one time and enjoy the tool for the rest of the year. 

LMS is a great and cost-effective tool to conduct training sessions for improving the hard skills of employees. 

Using various computer software

In modern times, it is a prerequisite to have basic computer knowledge. Almost every business operating in the world has been digitalized or is in the process of transitioning. You can encourage your employees to use various new computer software to work on their hard skills. 

Take using Google Docs and Sheets, for instance. You can train your employees to use these tools and make collaboration easy. Also, if your employees are novices, you can teach them the use of emails and other digital communication tools that will make it easier for them to function in the organization seamlessly. 

Encourage practicing 

Just learning about new hard skills will not be helpful if your employees are not actually practicing it. Thus, make sure that your employees are taking out time to practice what they learn. It will help them get used to the various skills or tools. 

They should also keep a track of their progress. This will help them understand where they stand and scout for areas of improvement. It will also make it easier for them to get their queries solved in real-time. 

Offer constructive feedback 

Feedback, good or bad, can help one immensely. It is constructive criticism that helps one realize where they lack and what needs to be improved. When you analyze the performance of your employees, be sure to be precise and explicit in your feedback. 

Let them know what and how certain things can be improved. Offer them recommendations about the steps that they can take to master certain skills. This is how they will improve. 


Everyone wants to grow in the organization that they join. Thus, it should be your priority to make sure that your employees are improving their hard skills and becoming more proficient in what they already know. 

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