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Fish mint Location In Tower Of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, players can collect a variety of minerals, plants, and meat. These can be used in recipes to create different items.

Some plants and meats are essential ingredients in certain recipes. For example, Fish Mint is required to make the Cold Fish Mint and Scramble Egg with Fish Mint recipes.

Some recipes in the game have special effects, such as healing and damage boosts. However, certain ingredients can be harder to gather because they are rare in the game.

Ingredients like lettuce are relatively easy to find, as they can be found in many locations. However, other ingredients, like fish mint, can be more challenging to locate.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find fish mint in Tower of Fantasy, so you can make various recipes. With this information, you’ll be able to craft the items you need with ease.

Fish mint location in Tower of Fantasy

The location of Fish Mint in Tower of Fantasy is found south of Anchorville at coordinates 66.0, 833.3. It can be found growing near the waterfall and in the river.

To find Fish Mint in Tower of Fantasy, players should search near rivers. Not only can it be used to discover new recipes, but it can also be consumed to restore certain attributes.

Fish mint can be found south of Anchorville and north of HT201 Shelter, specifically growing along the waterfall and the river.

To gather Fish Mint, players can walk along the river or go in it. A great farming route is to start at the top of the waterfall, drop down, and walk along the river.

The fish mint is needed to make Cold Fish Mint and Scramble Egg with Fish Mint.

Cold Fish Mint regenerates 10 satiety and restores 16% +34,000 HP while Scramble Egg with Fish Mint regenerates 600 endurance and 16% +34,000 HP.

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