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Kick Is Making a Mistake by Poaching Streamers: Twitch CEO

Kick has emerged as the one true competitor for Twitch in the streaming industry, leading to the Amazon-owned streaming platform losing streamers. Still, their CEO believes this is a tactical mistake.

Kick has been poaching streamers left and right, from any platform they can think of but their focus has mostly been around Twitch which to this day houses some of the biggest names in the streaming industry.

Twitch was far from perfect and streamers were coming across a plethora of issues which Kick promised to take care of and provide a better experience for streamers and viewers alike, which to this day remains their USP.

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy expressed his opinions on Kick poaching their streamers by offering economic benefits. “All of our problems is that live streaming isn’t big enough, we need live streaming to grow,” he said.

“It’s no secret where [Kick’s] money comes from but the question is how long-term stable is that and what are they in it for.”

Clancy reflects on platforms that previously followed the same strategies but do not exist now which shows how sustainable Twtich’s business model is. He finds Kick’s poaching similar to Mixer who at the time used millions to rope in streamers but said content creators jumped back to Twitch once the platforms they went to failed.

This is why, Twitch has shifted its focus to improving the experience for streamers and viewers alike by adding new features and optimising the existing ones which they presume would be the best way to keep streamers from leaving while acquiring new ones.

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