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Tfue gave away $100K following blockbuster Kick streaming deal

Turner “Tfue” Tenney has made a blockbuster return to streaming following a deal with Kick after an extended hiatus from content creation.

Having made a name in the gaming community during his time streaming Fortnite when the game was at its peak. Once again as the Fortnite OG hype is taking over the streaming platforms, Tfue has come out of retirement and he once again finds himself in the spotlight as he records crazy numbers with his first stream on the platform.

One of his first acts after coming out of retirement was handing out $100,000 to strangers from the Indian Rocks Beach in Florida and livestreaming the whole event on Kick. Tfue set up a stall with a boatload of cash and three bodyguards to keep it safe.

“Giving away free money on the beach right now live on Kick,” Tfue tweeted.

“We put the scaffolding there just in case too many people show up for this awesome deal we have going on,” Tfue said in his stream. “Buy nothing, get free money.”

Suffice it to say several passersby took him up on his offer even though for obvious reasons people found it hard to believe. In whichever way the event may be painted, it is clear as day that this was a marketing scheme that was planned to get Tfue to hit the ground running when he starts streaming video games on Kick.

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