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IShowSpeed swatted during live stream in his new home

Notoriously famous for leaking private information, IShowSpeed has been on the receiving end of doxing after he got swatted in his new home while streaming.

Swatting has been a persistent issue with streamers who have their address leaked to the whole world. IShowSpeed is the latest victim of swatting, with a pack of police officers flooding his apartment when he was streaming. Speed being an unsuspecting victim was surprised to see it happen given the frustrating nature of the incident.

Having moved in recently in his 10 Million dollar home, the idea was to move out of his previous place where he had been swatted which ended up with him in handcuffs. After moving to his new home, this is the first time he got swatted and now that his address has been leaked, there is no stopping him from getting swatted moving forward.

“Omg, omg, omg. Bro, just for my safety in case anything happens. Ain’t no f**king way bro.”

“I just got swatted. I wish I knew whoever did that. That’s f***ed up. Don’t ever do that again in your life, bro. I could have really died. I had guns to my face. Don’t ever do that again.”

Swatting is done in the spirit of an elaborate prank but with serious consequences as it engages emergency services leaving the community vulnerable if a real mishap occurs, let alone causing hindrances in the lives of people or streamers in this particular case.

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