Streamers Claim Twitch Payouts Reduced Without Warning

twitch channel swithcer

Several Twitch streamers are reportedly experiencing a significant drop in payments from the platform in light of recent controversy and regulation changes.

The controversy kicked off with the latest guidelines for branded content which were eventually altered but more underlying problems surfaced such as Twitch’s ban on multi-streaming on similar platforms. The reintroduced of its 70/30 subscriber revenue split with Partnered creators prompted streamers to lash out at the platform.

Several lesser-known streamers have claimed that this new policy has significantly affected their payouts claiming their earnings were much higher than before.

“The numbers are not lining up,” he explained. “…now, you guys are messing with my food. You’re messing with the roof over my head. You’re messing with the hard work that creators put into this platform. I need answers.” said prominent streamer Babywok.

Not just him, the reintroduction of the 70/30 payout split by Twitch has caused several streamers to speak up against the platform for obvious reasons. Said payout policy will translate to a massive hit to the earnings of all streamers.

Yet again, the competitors are in a prime position to rope in several small-time streamers from Twitch. The likes of Rumble and Kick have boasted better payout which might be the biggest motivator to rope in the streamers who feel “robbed” by Twitch.

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