Masterchef Twitch Meta Drama including xQc and HasanAbi explained

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xQc's groundbreaking partnership with rival platform Kick sparks industry-wide excitement.

Recently, a new meta of streaming older MasterChef seasons has taken over the streaming hub with a craze. From top streamers to not-so-popular streamers almost everybody is riding this new meta boat without a thought about DMCA strikes.

Celebrity Chef and multiple Michelin starred Chef, Gordon Ramsey recently joked about the recent Twitch meta of streaming older episodes of MasterChef USA in a tweet promoting his latest show — the Next Level Chef. 

The long-term judge on the Master Chef US series jokingly tweeted saying that viewers can watch his Next Level Chef series on Twitch if they missed it on Fox and Hulu. While Gordon wasn’t taking a dig at any streamer, in particular, the new meta has come under fire. 

A plethora of streamers including the likes of Felix “xQc” Lengyel, Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker, and Angela “AriaSaki” are illegally streaming older episodes of Masterchef USA. While it is certain that it is illegal to stream these episodes to the public on platforms other than licensed streams, many people have come forward in support of these streamers saying that it is “free publicity” and “opens door to new audience” for these shows. 

While Twitch has yet to take action on these issues, various other streamers have asked whether it is legal or not to stream random tv shows and react to them on stream. Twitch streamer Ben “Cohh Carnage” Cassell in a tweet asked Twitch staff members if streamers could watch and react to random TV shows on the platform to which a staff member claimed that they are not allowed to do so and that the platform will eventually take action against these creators.

Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris has openly voiced his displeasure with the current Twitch meta of streaming such media, saying that he wished for them to get “DMCA’D.”. It will be interesting to see whether Twitch ends up taking any action against streamers as it seems the MasterChef US organizers have simply chosen to ignore it and Gordon Ramsay referenced the trend in his tweet only to promote his new show.