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KSI beats FaZe Temperrr in one round at DAZN Series 

The main event of the DAZN series, KSI has knocked out FaZe Temperrr in a single round, suffice it to say that it was anything but a close contest.

Starting off his career as a YouTuber focusing on Call of Duty content during the Modern Warfare 2 era and later became a content creator who made entertainment videos while being one of the most influential names in the gaming space. Having turned into a businessman and diversifying into a plethora of ventures, his gamer’s identity might have been a little lost.

However, being outside the limelight in recent times has rendered him in need of some introduction unless you follow boxing, in which case you must be aware that he holds an excellent record in said sport.

Apart from this, Temperrr is known to dabble with high-net-worth individuals and he himself boasts a net worth of over $6 to $7 million. Recently, he has been very active in the boxing field, which has landed him a fight with KSI that will set some record in viewership given Temperrr’s involvement will bring in the whole FaZe crew and fans behind him.

What happened in the match?

Having started off strong, Temperrr looked way more prepared than anyone KSI has faced up until this point. Everything pointed towards a feisty affair and more importantly, KSI’s tactics did not seem to be working, however, right when the fight was reaching the end of round one, KSI was able to land a punch that floored Temperrr.

A quick turn of events for KSI saw him snatch the victory from right under the cusp of Olivera. Things are looking promising as KSI is scheduled to face Jake Paul later this year and looks to be in good shape to yield a similar result.

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